Tournament rules

1) Valid membership is necessary

2) Before entering our tournaments, make sure you KNOW BSC rules, and are willing to follow them, including Membership rules and Club rules, Tournament rules and Bidding rules.

3) You must have stable internet connection. Avoid joining BSC tournaments

4) Be polite and show good bridge ethics

5) Listen to, and respect direction from TDs and Hosts.

6)All Tournaments are CLOCKED & SURVIVOR .

7) Tournament language is only English.

8) All members have responsibility to help keeping our    tournaments at a nice level with good spirit and good bridge and promote our club in a good way

9)If rules are violated, the club’s operating TDs and Hosts will report to the club’s administration. TDs and Hosts can give warnings for violating the rules, and remove a player from a tourney if serious violation of our rules. The Club’s administration can give membership penalty.

                    10 If cheating, or attempt of cheating is      proven, membership penalty will be given.          
 Also, accusing any member of
 cheating without having proof,
is just as serious as cheating,
 and membership penalty will be given.

Try be a goodsportman/woman
Remeber only a game