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Example of a Team Match 

The outcome of a TEAM match is determined by comparing the results of each game and expressing the difference in IMPs (International Match Points).

Then all IMPs are added together, and the final result is determined by converting the difference in IMPs into a result in VPs (Victory Points).

Both IMPs and VPs are calculated on the basis of tables. BBO calculates the results in IMPs immediately after the end of the match, and displays them in the message window. So no need to consult IMP tables yourself.
Since BBO software does not take into account full Team matches played over two halves, VPs (Victory Points).

are not displayed. a small manual action is needed to determine the final result of a match over one or two halves.
BSC STAF is for that with adapted Tables for 8 -10 games 12 -15 16-24

Schedule VPs (Victory Points).