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This site is about the ‘BSC‘ bridge tournaments that, usually, take place a few times a week on Bridge Base Online (BBO) BBO best alternatives for playing real bridge over the internet.

Most of the BBO players are welcome, as long as they have a decent TCR (usually a minimum of 70% is required),

they are not new players and of course they haven’t been blacklisted due to use of bad language or due to leaving the table after a bad score (running).

Additionally, they must have a very good internet connection as disconnected players are eliminated by the BBO software in the so-called ‘SURVIVOR’ tournaments.

The so-called ‘SURVIVOR‘ tournaments with an ‘% cut rate’ (usually set at 25%) have this feature: the teams with offline (RED) players and the teams with the lowest scores are automatically eliminated from the tournament by the BBO software from the moment that the second round is over and at the end of each round, up until the last round. The BBO software makes the necessary computations in order to eliminate 25% of the teams at the end of each round.

Therefore, if you got a low score comparing to the rest of the other teams and you find yourself in the x % bracket of the lowest scores, your team will be eliminated. Moreover, if your partner is not online (RED), the system will eliminate your team, no matter how high your score is,  so it is highly advisable to ask early for a substitute player if your partner is offline.

The ‘SURVIVOR  tournaments are clocked, which means that only a maximum of 6 minutes per board are allowed; in case all teams are done earlier, next round will automatically start. Undos are not permitted.

Due to the time limit and the nature of the tournaments, stalling is penalized. The tourneys are not strict as regards the policy towards bidding conventions.

Only a small fraction of the initial registered pairs manage to reach the final round of the ‘SURVIVOR’ type tournaments, they are the so-called ‘Survivors‘.

Don’t despair if you get booted early, just improve your chances of survival by improving your play (and your internet connection if you had any issues) and next time you will survive!!!

All conventions and systems are allowed, No psyche bids and HUMs.

You may ask your opponents (using the chat before the bidding starts or using the alert system – clicking  on an opponent’s bid) to explain their bids. In case the alert is not satisfactory, you may call the TD, a penalty may be administered.

Rude players and cheaters are removed, blacklisted and may be reported to BBO abuse.

English is the official language. TD will ignore private calls, or «?» or blank calls.

NO Music links are posted throughout the tournament and at some point the tournament chat opens for players and kibitzing is allowed. All the results will be posted on BSC site (check the site  as soon as the tournament is over.

ENJOY and MAKE FRIENDS ! And if you enjoy, Tell your friends to keep this tournament running for free on BBO !